Writing Tips

Behind the scenes of great illustrators

The Sapling is a fantastic website totally devoted to children's books in New Zealand. As part of their coverage of 2017's NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, they asked the five finalists of the Russell Clark Award for Illustration to interview each other. The illustrators are: Kieran Rynhart, David Elliot, Toby Morris, Jenny Cooper … Continue reading Behind the scenes of great illustrators


Heroes Anthology 2016: Winners Selected

Today held the equally thrilling and heart-wrenching task of notifiying the talented young writers about whether or not their story made the book this year. The submission was 'blind', which meant I did not see the writer - or their age - when selecting the pieces. I looked for stories that would come together to create … Continue reading Heroes Anthology 2016: Winners Selected

Illustration class: drawing faces

Hi writers! So, this isn't a writing tip, but illustrations are important and I know that most of you are interested in drawing as well. I've just signed up for this free* class on skillshare, and thought I'd share it with you: Face Shapes: Explore Character Using 9 Simple Shapes *At the time of posting, … Continue reading Illustration class: drawing faces