Writing Tips

Behind the scenes of great illustrators

The Sapling is a fantastic website totally devoted to children's books in New Zealand. As part of their coverage of 2017's NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, they asked the five finalists of the Russell Clark Award for Illustration to interview each other. The illustrators are: Kieran Rynhart, David Elliot, Toby Morris, Jenny Cooper [...]


Sponsorship for the anthology!

Hi folks, I'm excited to announce that my lovely printer, Chris Else at BookPrinting, has kindly agreed to sponsor the NZ Young Writers' Anthology - yay! Chris has been my primary printer since The Caretaker of Imagination was published. We had an error from my overseas printer, which would have resulted in having no books [...]

Release of Heroes!

Last Saturday was the third annual NZ Book Festival, where Poppy and I released the second annual anthology: Heroes. Poppy read wonderfully from her story during 'celebrity storytime'. We were also graced by the presence of Ella (who wrote this foreword for the book) and my niece Angie, who contributed a guest story The Witches' Assassin, [...]