Non-fiction writing series

Hi writers!

I’ve been thinking about all the school visits I’ve done as an author, and all the wonderful questions I’ve been asked by children and teachers.

With these in mind, I’ve decided to create a series of short books that tackle these questions in-depth.

The first one, which I’m working on now, will be ‘Where do ideas come from?’. Here’s an excerpt of the first draft:


The first story I started writing came from a ‘daydream’ (also known as ‘wishful thinking’). I was twenty-four years old, and very much feeling like I didn’t want to grow up – or rather, that I didn’t like what society meant by ‘growing up’ (i.e. becoming serious and boring). It was a difficult period in my life and I wanted to run away.

I didn’t.

Instead, I devised a fictional character, John Carroll, to do it for me and The Caretaker of Imagination was born.

“Like most children, John wanted to run away… Only John was no ordinary child. In fact, he wasn’t actually a child at all. He was a 42-year-old accountant.”

To turn this idea into a story, I asked myself where I would go and what I would do if I did run away. What made me feel like running away in the first place?

Watch this space!

Zee xx


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