A note from a superhero author

This year, at the very last minute, I decided that I’d really like a foreword for the anthology.

And who better to do one than one of last year’s winners?

I got in touch with Ella, and she said yes (yay!). She then sent me nothing short of a superhero(ine) foreword. So without further ado, here it is:

Hello! My name is Ella and you don’t know me. But that’s okay. You don’t need to know me, just what I’m going to say. This book, the book you are holding with your very own superhero hands, contains some of the most powerful tales you’ll ever hear.

I should know, I wrote one last time. Yes. You are talking to a superhero author! How did I become an author? Well, Zee, the editor of this book, was my superhero tutor for a year. We would tell tales of our great adventures saving planet earth one book after another.

Eventually, I grew too wise and powerful for her to train me any longer, so now I save the world. A few years ago, Zee came to me with an idea. An idea that would soon grow to form the tree that made this book. That idea was the NZ Young Writers Anthology, a project that gives kiwi children the opportunity to see their work in publication; promoting creative writing and encouraging young writers to follow their dreams.

At first I thought, you want to give minute mortals the chance to see their stories on paper? But I soon discovered my human side, and I sent through a story about secrets. I got selected and eventually saw my story in a book.

It was the most exciting thing to see my story, among others, in a book that I could hold and read. I hope that this tradition of storytelling will continue until every young NZ writer has seen their name in print. 

But enough waffling, why should you read THIS story? Well. Have you ever wondered about what makes a hero so heroic? What makes heroines so special? This book, the one you are holding now, answers those questions. It answers about why heroes have capes and why they are so heroic.

It also answers the question you’ve been thinking. The question in the back of your mind, can I become a superhero/heroine? Turn the page to find out. 


This year’s anthology will be released at the NZ Book Festival, 5 Nov, at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall in Auckland.

Poppy Nightingale-Ayson, one of this year’s winners, will be flying up to read an extract from her story at 11am.


Books are available for preorder now:

Paperback / Kindle

Coming soon: Kobo / iBooks


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